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Evaluation of particular websites related to topics covered in class.



To gain skills and experience writing reviews for internet and academic audiences and assessing websites thoroughly and effectively; To become aware of the pitfalls and benefits of web page designing for a history audience; To learn how a web page should be organised based on purpose, message and audience.



Description of Website 20%

Expression of individual thought and opinion on website 70%

  • layout  20%

  • text  20%

  • communication of purpose 10%

  • impact and success at meeting goals 20%

Evidence of relevant expert opinion 10%



Review Guidelines:

Most reviews will examine the following areas:

Content: Is the scholarship sound and current? What is the interpretation or point of view?

Form: Is it clear? Easy to navigate? Is it accessible to all users? Does it have a clear, effective, and original design? Does it have a coherent structure?

Audience/Use: Is the audience clear? Will it serve the needs of that audience?

New Media: Does it make effective use of the web? Does it do something that could not be done in print, an exhibition, or a film?



Taken from Journal of American History Web Review Guidelines. See this website for further suggestions.







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