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Below you will find some of the sites that we will be using as we move through the topics in the course. They are only a preview of the many available websites that you can access as you journey through the world of Digital History.


General Sites:




Internet Statistics for the Caribbean


History of Digital History:

Digital History Project

First Monday

A Brief History of the Internet, The Internet Society


Digital Humanities

Projects- Digital Humanities- Yale

Digital Humanities Spotlight: 7 Important Digitization Projects

Alliance of Digital Humanities Projects

Digital Humanities– MIT

DHi: Digital Humanities Initiative

Google Art Project


History Sites- the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

London Lives 

American Panorama

Let Them Speak

Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive

Television News of the Civil Rights Era

History World

Caribbean Family History

Slave Voyages Database

History of Science in Latin America and the Caribbean

Pirates of the Atlantic

BBC- A Brief History of the Steelpan

Mapping American Social Movements


Digital History

Best of History Web Sites

12 Digital History Projects

The History Blog

Oral History Projects- H-Net

Oral History in the Digital Age

Iranian Oral History Project

Oral History of the Modern Commonwealth

Tibetan Oral History Project

DH GIS Projects

GIS- The London Blitz

Caribmap-Cartographical History of the West Indies

A Brief History of the Danish West Indies 1666-1917

Decameron Web

Voices of History British Library

History of YouTube, The Telegraph

Proyecto Afrolatin

Digital Humanities on YouTube

History Resources for Kids-

Digital History Projects and Websites- University of Washington

Clio Visualizing History


Digitization Projects:

Digital Humanities Spotlight: 7 Important Digitization Projects

Lincoln Digitization Project

The Sound and Vision Digitization Project (The Netherlands Institute)

Oral History Digitization Project

The Watertown Historical Society

The Hupacasath Historical Digitization Project

UNESCO Digitization Project

Nursing History Digitization Project


Digital Archives: History Sites

Omeka- How to use

The British Museum


The National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago

Digital Library of the Caribbean dLOC

The National Archives (America)

Wikipedia. Citing Wikipedia

Google Books

Smithsonian National Museum

Smithsonian Magazine- Top 10 Online Exhibitions


Social Networking Sites







Grovo’s History of Social Media

Social Networking Cartoons


History Blogs

UWI, Public Health and Social Transformation

Britain’s Cold War in the Caribbean

Caribbean History Archives

Caribbean cave Art Myths Revealed

Stuff  you Missed in History Class

Ancient Foods

Women of History

Victorian Paris


Information for Historians:

History in Action Online Journal

Careers for History Majors

H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online

Resources for Getting Started in Digital History– American Historical Association


Class Sites:

Five Best Web Hosting Sites

Internet Service Providers by Country

W3C Facts

Internet Statistics

UN-Internet a Basic Right

The Digital Divide

Review Writing Guidelines


Copyright Sites

Copyright Act of Trinidad and Tobago

Copyright Act of Barbados 1998

Copyright in Trinidad and Tobago Explained (STACIE, The UWI, STA) 

Columbia University Fair Use

Stanford University- Copyright and Fair Use


Digital Humanities Courses and Centres

Digital Humanities at UCLA

Digital Humanities at Oxford

Digital Humanities at Stanford

UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

National Endowment for the Humanities- DH

Maryville University Online 


Caribbean Sites

Caribbean History Websites- ELON University

History of the Caribbean Websites- Ryerson University

History of the Danish West Indies

The Caribbean Memory Project

Caribbean Indigenous Legacies Project

Digital Library of the Caribbean

History of Carnival


West Indian Museums

The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago

Turks and Caicos National Museum

National Gallery of Jamaica

De Museo de Arte of Puerto Rico

National Museum of Fine Ats, Cuba

Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

UWI Museum, Mona


Oral History

Ex-Slaves and History in America


Virtual History

The History of the World Museum (The British Museum)

Holy Trinity Cathedral Virtual Tour

Louvre Tours

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Virtual World Creator

Life in the Trenches- WWI 360 Video

Virtual Reality 360 Historical Videos

Byzantium 1200

Pompeii, Italy Google Tour

Vatican Virtual Tours

George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Virtual Tours

Virtual Past

Second Life

Timelooper– virtual history app



Interactive Tools- Mapping and Timelines

Timeline JS

StoryMap JS

Agora site map

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Central Sierra Regional Fire History 1880-2008

European History Interactive Map

Charles Darwin and the Voyage of the HMS Beagle

David Rumsey Map Collection

The Age of Humans

When in Time .com


Interactive Tools- Game Based Learning

Play the Past– articles on Virtual History Games

Best History Games Sites

Pyramid Challenge– BBC Games

Pirates Quiz– The National Geographic

The Battle of Waterloo– BBC Games

Super Teacher Tools

School History Interactive Games

BBC History Games

Playing History