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Welcome to Digital History!

This is a course designed to pique your interest, hone your internet skills and sharpen your intellectual understanding of your field (both general history and Caribbean history) and its representation on the internet. It is intended to equip you with the skills necessary to traverse the digital world with the eyes, mind and voice of an intellectual.

This course brings history into the modern day, exposing you to a new, exciting way of understanding and exploring the subject. You will learn the history of the internet and its relationship with the humanities, how to research, assess and write history online and gain information about interactive academic tools. It ultimately offers you the chance to become a part of this evolution, providing the opportunity to design a Caribbean history web page of your own to add to the growing body of history on the net.

The ultimate goal of this course is to bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern, and allow you, the history student of the modern age, to make your world of Caribbean history accessible, relevant and interesting to the wider world.

Enjoy the journey.


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Two Women Chatting by the Sea, Saint Thomas 1856 by  Camille Pissarro

Postcard- Exterior of a Distillery, The Weatherells Estate, Antigua




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